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Lawn Products

Lawn Fertilizer & Lawn Products

Betta Grower lawn care products are designed to keep your lawn looking at its best all year round. Our customers can rely on our products, as they’re manufactured to a high-quality standard and tailored to Australian conditions using the latest technology. Our products work on all lawns, no matter what variety. You can create, maintain, patch, green up, repair or eradicate pests and weeds in your lawn with the help of Betta Grower. Enjoy the same products that the professionals use, available at very competitive prices and delivered to your door.

Slow Release Fertiliser

translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $39.80 bag
16 kg bag
An all-purpose, use everywhere-on-everything fertiliser. A balanced, safe, ready and easy to use, all seasons, 6 in 1 mix.A combination...

Lawn Improver & Repairer

translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $18.98 bag
15 kg bag
Betta Grower All-Purpose Premium Lawn Starter and Improver can be applied all year round. The mix includes humus, mixed animal...


translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $39.90 bottle
1 litre bottle
Selective Weed Killer supplied as a 1-litre concentrate bottle that makes up 80 litres. Betta Grower Selective Herbicide is used...

Lawn Seed

$37.90 bag
2.5 kg bag
Betta Grower 4 Seasons Lawn Seed is a hardy and quick-growing blend. Specially prepared for new lawns, and renovating an...
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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $19.90
1 litre
Betta Grower Super Absorbent Water Storage Crystals deliver new, advanced technology in gardening. With the ability to hold up to...

Does Your Lawn Need Lawn Fertilizer?

Nearly all lawns will need to be fertilized throughout their life as soil nutrients are consumed in the creation of new roots and foliage. Lawn fertilizer is a specially formulated carrier of the essential nutrients that are required for healthy grass growth. They come in an array of formulations and release methods designed for specific grass types, application methods and seasonal timing. Your specific soil type will determine the frequency that you need to apply the lawn fertilizer. As a general rule, sandy soils leach nutrients faster than clay and heavy soils, so they’ll need regular top-ups. Slow-release lawn fertilizers are ideal for sandy soils.

What’s In Our Lawn Fertilizer

Betta Grower Lawn Fertilizer, as with all good fertilizers will have the letters NPK on the packaging. N stands for Nitrogen, P for Phosphorous, and K for Potassium. These elements are the major components of most lawn fertilizers. Each letter is assigned a number which indicates the percentage of the three key elements that the product contains. The ratios are designed specifically for lawn fertilizer applications. If you’d like more information about our lawn fertilizers, or any of our lawn products, please get in touch.

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