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Garden Supplies

Organic Garden Supplies Melbourne

If you treat a garden correctly from the start, your plants will thrive, and it will look fantastic. Choosing the correct soil, garden fertilizer or compost can make all the difference. For your garden beds, veggie patches and crops, you want premium soils and compost with a good layer of mulch. Here at Betta Grower, we believe in providing quality garden supplies Melbourne gardeners can rely on. We offer a great range of garden supplies all carefully chosen to give your plants the very best environment possible. We’re dedicated to helping people make the most of their outdoor spaces, with an array of products for all plant varieties and soil types

All Purpose Potting Mix

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15 kg bag
Betta Grower Potting Mix is an all-purpose, organic-based, 5-in-1 mix. It’s ideal for repotting or just freshening or topping up...

Composted Organic Mulch

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15 kg bag
Betta Grower Mulch is designed for the home and professional gardener. It is a blend of composted organic materials, Betta...

Soil Improver

translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $18.98 bag
15 kg bag
Soil improver builds up the humus and improves the soil structure, helping you to grow strong, healthy plants that are...

Slow Release Fertiliser

translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $39.80 bag
16 kg bag
An all-purpose, use everywhere-on-everything fertiliser. A balanced, safe, ready and easy to use, all seasons, 6 in 1 mix.A combination...

Organic Fertiliser

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16 kg bag
All-purpose complete fertilizer containing organic material, slow-release fertilizer with gypsum, blood and bone, trace elements, organic nitrogen, potash and other...

Lawn Improver & Repairer

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15 kg bag
Betta Grower All-Purpose Premium Lawn Starter and Improver can be applied all year round. The mix includes humus, mixed animal...

Orchid Potting Mix

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22.5 kg bag
Betta Grower Orchid Mix is free draining bark compost that forms an ideal mix for all types of orchids. As...

Liquid Fertiliser Concentrate

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2 Litre
A complete (liquid) fertiliser supplied in a 2-litre bottle that makes up to 200 litres. This product is good for...


translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $18.98 bag
25 kg bag
Gypsum will improve the physical condition and drainage of most clay soils allowing better root development by breaking up clay...


translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $39.90 bottle
1 litre bottle
Selective Weed Killer supplied as a 1-litre concentrate bottle that makes up 80 litres. Betta Grower Selective Herbicide is used...

Lawn Seed

$37.90 bag
2.5 kg bag
Betta Grower 4 Seasons Lawn Seed is a hardy and quick-growing blend. Specially prepared for new lawns, and renovating an...
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3.5 kg bag
Betta Grower Snail Bait is very effective in the control of snails and slugs. Snails and slugs are the most...
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High-Quality Soil, Compost & Grass FertiliserM

We offer a range of soil, organic garden compost and grass fertiliser to suit your gardening and landscape requirements. You can improve your existing soil by just adding compost as a soil conditioner to help retain moisture and improve workability. We have the ideal mix that will help you create that brand new lawn, garden bed or vegetable garden. We take pride in researching and developing new products designed for the unique soil and conditions that Victoria and South Australia have to offer. Whether you’re trying to grow a picture-perfect lawn or cultivate beautiful, fragrant flowers, we have something to help make your little patch of this country all it can be.

Garden Supplies Southeast Melbourne

Betta Grower has your next garden job covered. Whether you’re looking for bulk supplies for commercial landscaping, or need a garden fertilizer to give your home garden a lift, our team have the expertise to help make your job easier. We deliver garden supplies southeast Melbourne-wide, throughout Adelaide and beyond. With our huge landscape yards, massive warehouses and expert staff, we are here to help our customers get the job done, and can deliver soil, mulch, pebbles, rock and much more. We aim to provide a reliable and friendly service with extensive product knowledge, excellent customer service and prompt delivery of high quality products.

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