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All Purpose Potting Mix

All Purpose Potting Mix

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Betta Grower Potting Mix is an all-purpose, organic-based, 5-in-1 mix. It’s ideal for repotting or just freshening or topping up existing plants, both indoors and outdoors, pots, hanging baskets and seed raising beds. The pH balance is slightly acidic and suits most plants. (5.5 – 6.0) It retains moisture with good drainage (won’t saturate). Has open crumbly texture with good aeration for oxygen supply. It does not contain any dirt or soil fillers. It is pure organic matter and represents good value for your favourite plants. Uses: – Pot Plants – Indoor Plants – Hanging Baskets – Patio Tubs – Seed Beds – Garden Beds 

How to Plant into Earth
– Thoroughly water the plant before removing pot.
– Dig a hole twice the diameter and depth of the pot.
– If needed, place a stake either side of the plant into undisturbed soil for support.
– To conserve water, place a layer of pine bark over surface. Make sure this area will still hold four litres of water.
– Keep a good thick layer of soil between plant and wall of hole for maximum root growth. Place a figure-eight tie around the plant to stop excess movement.
– Thoroughly drench immediately after planting, then each week.
– Make sure old soil surface is below new soil surface.
– Don’t disturb roots when planting or adding fertilizer. The old pot should be removed.

How to Plant into Pots etc
– If pot has previously been used, clean and wash thoroughly before planting.
– After removing plant from container, place it into the new pot as shown.
– Immediately after planting drench the soil several times. Then thoroughly water 2-3 times each week for maximum results.
– Before potting, do not loosen the soil around the roots of the plant,
– Place a 3cm layer of gravel or coarse drainage material in bottom of pot for drainage.
– Make sure the old soil surface is below the new soil surface.
– Support the pot above its base level for improved drainage and cleaning.
– Ensure that the pot has drainage holes at its base sufficient for free drainage.

How to plant into Seed Beds
Spread a layer over the seed bed and rake or scratch in to a depth of about 40mm. Use about a 10mm layer for average soils. More it if is very hard or sandy.

No dirt or soil, which means no weeds or insects.
Assists germination.
Contains a rich balanced complete blend.
Retains moisture with good drainage.
No initial mixing of fertilizer necessary as is already added.
Has open crumbly texture with good aeration for oxygen supply and acceptance of nutrients.

We offer home delivery service across all Melbourne suburbs as well as regional areas across Victoria.
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Garden soil is more than just dirt. It provides the organic matter needed to maintain the health and support the growth of your plants. It’s when the soil is living and thriving with microorganisms that it can recycle nutrients, capture water, balance its physical condition and defend against pests. Here at Betta Grower, each of our products has a specific use for each different place in the garden, designed to rejuvenate and replace what has been lost in healthy soil over the years. If your garden needs a bit of extra encouragement, take a look at the Betta Grower Premium All Purpose Potting Mix. We have products suitable for everything from the pots on your balcony right through to broad-acre application.


Garden soils are intended to be tilled in with existing soil in garden beds, but how do you know which one is right for your garden? A vegetable garden or general garden shrubs and annuals will benefit greatly from plenty of organic matter in the mix. On the other hand, if the mix is for Australian natives then something that contains more sand may be best. If you’re growing deeper rooted trees and shrubs and your existing garden soil is a heavy clay then you should try to aerate that soil before putting down the new soil mix. In doing so, the roots will more easily penetrate the existing soil underneath and develop a more stable root system.

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