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Organic Fertiliser
Organic Fertiliser

Organic Fertiliser

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All-purpose complete fertilizer containing organic material, slow-release fertilizer with gypsum, blood and bone, trace elements, organic nitrogen, potash and other natural plant nutrients.

Can be used on lawns, garden plants, flowers, roses, all fruit trees, native trees and shrubs, saplings and vegetables. Puts body into clay and sandy soils by improving water retention and brings worms into the soil.


  • Pots 6” or 15cm or larger are recommended.
  • Vegetable and Garden Beds
  • Fruit Trees and Natives (Azaleas etc)
  • Lawns 

Pot Plants
Spread one tablespoon over the soil. Water plant then dig in lightly and water again.

Vegetable and Garden Beds
Prior to planting, use 150gms every 2 square metres. For existing plants, spread 120gms every two square metres or spread between rows every six weeks DURING THE GROWING PERIOD.

Fruit Trees
When planting a new fruit tree, mix 100gms with the soil in the planting hole.

For established fruit trees, loosen the topsoil around the fruit tree and then spread 500gms PER FRUIT TREE. Then water. This should occur every autumn and spring.

Natives, Azaleas etc
Apply 20cm or 8” from the plant trunk at a rate of 120gms per square metre in autumn and spring.

When applying your topsoil, mix 100gms of Organic Fertilizer per square metre. Once established 100gms every square metre in autumn and spring.

– Blood and Bone Based including Organic Material
– Super Phosphate
– Urea
– Sulphate of Iron
– Muriate of Potash
– Bark Fines
– Peat Moss
– Propagating Sand
– Lime
– Dynamic Lifter
– Gypsum for Enhancing Oxygen Flow through the Soil

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Using Organic Fertilizer for Soil

For an organic gardener, creating a living soil that is rich in humus and nutrients is key. Unless you’re lucky enough to have the perfect soil, you’re going to have to work to make it ideal for gardening, including giving soil organic fertilizer products. Many organic materials serve as both a fertilizer and soil conditioner, feeding plants and enhancing soils. Soluble chemical fertilizers also contain mineral salts that are absorbed quickly by plant roots. However, they don’t provide a food source for soil microorganisms and even repel earthworms as they acidify the soil. Over time, soils that are treated only with synthetic chemical fertilizer will lose organic matter and the living organisms that help to build quality soil.

Improving Soil with Organic Fertilizer

Most plants around Australia’s southern and eastern coastal regions grow in acid soils. In contrast, a lot of inland areas in Victoria have proven to have soil that is alkaline in nature. As a result, a balance has been sought to replace missing elements needed for better gardens, which have been introduced to old and new suburbs. The availability of Phosphorus and trace elements such as Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Boron is to be increased, as alkaline soil does not produce these through its natural process. Providing soil with organic fertilizer is often the answer. If you have any queries or need some friendly advice, please feel free to get in touch. Our staff will be more than happy to help you!

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