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Composted Organic Mulch
Composted Organic Mulch
organic mulch

Composted Organic Mulch

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Betta Grower Mulch is designed for the home and professional gardener. It is a blend of composted organic materials, Betta Grower Complete 6-in-1 Fertilizer, trace elements, water-saving peat soil, and gypsum (clay breaker). It is ready to use with no mixing.

It contains added humates which will improve the soil and hold nutrients longer. It mulches, feeds, improves the soil, saves water and reduces weeds at the same time. The blend of composted organic materials will flourish as mulching builds up the humus and improves the soil.

Gardens with mulch are easier to maintain as it provides a protective layer between the elements and the soil.

Plants with mulch need much less water! By mulching twice a year, plants will flourish as mulching builds up the humus and improves soil structure, helping you to grow strong, healthy plants which are less susceptible to damage from insect pests and saving water at the same time. 

Two bags covers an area of approximately 3 square metres, which is around the size of a normal household door.

To suppress weed growth, keep plant roots cool in summer and to conserve water:

Turn the soil over lightly to break up the surface and remove any weeds or debris which will compete for moisture and nutrients.

Water deeply around plants.

Apply mulch to a depth of between 3cm and 8cm taking care not to mulch too closely around the stems and trunks of plants,

Water again to help the mulch barrier settle.

Mulches and feeds at the same time.
Reduces water evaporation.
Reduces water usage.
Safe for all plants.
Reduces weed growth.
Encourages deep root growth.
Use all year round.

We offer a free home delivery service across all Melbourne suburbs as well as regional areas across Victoria.

Receive up to 40% extra product free with your first delivery.

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Using a garden mulch is one of the best ways to grow and maintain a healthy garden. As mulch provides a protective layer between the elements and the soil, gardens that use mulch are usually much easier to maintain. Mulching builds up the humus and improves soil structure, helping you to grow healthy plants that are less susceptible to damage from insects while saving water at the same time. Using a good quality organic garden mulch is also a great way to prevent weeds from taking over your garden. Using a composted organic garden mulch that is ready to use with no mixing is the ideal solution, such as Betta Grower garden mulch. Benefitting your gardening in more ways than one, it's easy to see why our garden mulch is a popular choice.


There are many different organic and inorganic mulches available on the market. Being a natural substance, organic mulches will decompose over time to add nutrients to the soil. While inorganic garden mulches such as gravel, pebbles, landscape fabrics and even old newspaper may be longer-lasting, they don’t contribute directly to the soil.

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