Correct Method To Select Fertilizer For Improving Your Garden Quality

Correct Method To Select Fertilizer For Improving Your Garden Quality

Do you have a garden? Having a garden is one thing and maintain it another one. There are various things which you should consider in gardening. You require so many Garden Supplies Melbourne to improve the garden quality and its health.

Tell me one thing among all garden supplies, which is necessary and without its gardening is not possible? The answer should be so many, but here we focus on one crucial need that is fertilizer. If you do not select proper fertilizer for your garden, then the life of your garden is shorter.

The fertilizer is the food of any plant, and when a plant does not get suitable and sufficient fertilizer, then its growth will stop or not according as it should. So, selection of fertilizer is very crucial. To help you here we give you a complete guide for the selection of fertilizer.

Before you choose fertilizer from the abundant availability of Landscape Supplies Melbourne, you should know about its type and its usage

Different Type of Fertilizer

When you visit the market or online search for the best fertilizer then you get the result in multiple choices. The reason behind it is various type of fertilizer available in the market. Let’s classify it one by one.

1. Liquid Fertilizers

Commonly come in liquid form and you can spread it on the plant and garden area with spout or spray bottle. In this fertilizer, you have to mix water before you use it. The usage of such type of fertilizer is simple but is its impact higher. As per the specialist note, you should apply such kind of fertilizer when your plant needs immediate nutrition. Its regular usage is not recommended.

2. Granular Type

Highly popular and known because of its longer effect and easy in usage. This type of fertilizer comes in the dry and bagged form which you can get from any Garden Supplies Melbourne provider, even though small shop where every supply available. Such type of fertilizer comes in two sub-type: the first one is it release in the slow time, and another one is released in a faster way. Its budget and effect depend on the type of fertilizer.

3. Organic Fertilizer

If you find natural fertilizer which not has a negative impact, then you can go with organic compost. In this type, every nutrition comes organically, and it provides a natural solution which is commonly used by the farmers and professional Gardner.

4. Synthetic Fertilizers

Chemically make and highly effective on the plant and different type of trees. It is made for the particular requirement of the tree so that its impact is immediate. Such type of fertilizer mixes up with soil easily and start their work on a shorter time-consuming. Its usage is often because it not stays for a longer time so that you should supply it regularly.

Tips for applying fertilizer

The need for fertilizer for the various plant is different so that you should apply fertilizer as per your plant’s condition and instruction is given on the fertilizer packet. To know the real quantity, you can take help from the experts who have deep knowledge of gardening.


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